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  • 類 型 :歐美劇
  • 地 區 :美國
  • 年 份 :2012
  • 別 名 :路易不容易



路易不容易 第3季劇情介紹


路易不容易 第3季相關資料


發行公司: 編劇: 英文名: 豆瓣評分: 9.5 IMDB評分: 0



   簡而言之:路易更關注路易不容易演員是否合適,而不是膚色。另外,路易不希望路易不容易演員太像他的前妻。 以下是一些報道和評論。 1. IMDB  Is this based on Louis C.K.s real life? Yes, its very loosely based on his life and career. Why is his ex-wife played by a black woman in the third season when his children are clearly white? C.K. has stated that he is not concerned with continuity and will change characters at will to fit the episodes story. In previous episodes, Louies ex-wife was played by a white actress but only her hands were visible. In response to this, C.K. said on "Jimmy Kimmel Live!": "If the character works for the show, I dont care about the race." He continued: "When a black woman tells you to get a job, its just... more" In the first season, different actresses played Louies mother and youngest daughter throughout the season. In the first season, Louie had a brother. But in the second season, he has two sisters and his brother is never mentioned. In one episode, his niece comes to stay with him for a seemingly extended period of time but is never seen again after that. 2. Louie is obviously a series that’s always been very experimental in regards to format, subject matter and casting. I won’t get too into that since people who are far more articulate than I am have said many more words on the topic. However, one thing that’s always struck me as odd is that while Louie’s ex-wife, played by actress Susan Kelechi Watson, is obviously African-American — Louie’s daughters, Jane and Lilly, are white. And not just white, but fair-skinned, blonde haired Nordic-looking white. So what was the logic behind this? Business Insider spoke with Louie’s casting director, Gayle Keller on the subject, and she shed some light onto the decision:    “We play around with ethnicities. Janet is African American, but both of their kids are white and Louie’s white so how does that work? Look, it probably doesn’t make sense but Louie wanted to cast someone to play his on-screen ex-wife who was unlike his real ex-wife,” casting director Gayle Keller tells Business Insider. “He didn’t want that much reality in this show.”    “We auditioned people who were African American and white, we auditioned both,” explains Keller. “We didn’t limit ourselves to someone who was just Caucasian. Louis just felt that the woman who we cast [Watson] was best for the part and she happened to be African American and he didn’t care about that. He didn’t feel like he had to explain that in any way and have two Caucasian children and an African American wife.” Keller also revealed why they made the decision to make Janet white in the season four flashback, saying that they auditioned actresses who were African American, Caucasian, and Asian. I actually did not even realize that was supposed to be Janet, and figured it was some other ex-wife that came before Janet, which is exactly why I don’t write think pieces on Louie.    “Ethnicity is not what was important for that role,” says Keller. “It was more about the fact that we wanted someone who just understood the character immediately. All of the actors who come in to audition go on tape and they only get the material when they get to the audition. Everything is a cold reading because Louis likes when actors are not that prepared and forced to go with their instincts.” Anyway, there you go, mystery solved. Louis CK doesn’t see race, you guys, he sees people. We’re basically all just a bunch of neanderthals for wondering in the first place.  
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    路易不容易 第3季影視評論
    • 飄零的葉子

      1樓哈哈哈哈找長江來北京干嘛啊……路易跟我在同一個十字路口走過呢,推薦路易不容易 第3季不錯,藍島大廈。果然還是連著看爽

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    • 花卷命

      3樓超好看!連著看完了3季這季居然找來了DavidLynch,路易不容易RobinWilliams,JayLeno。最后一集還去北京了~ 找個迅雷下載 1920BD藍光原盤torrent種子

    • 丿莟淚灬笑

      4樓WTF?去廊坊找長江也是不容易。之所以美國新年到了中國變夏天,推薦路易不容易 第3季值得看,估計是簽證沒下來吧……

    • 鰐魚姬

      5樓喜歡david letterman那幾集,路易不容易喪出了勵志感。fuck you letterman! i did it!

    • 清然ice


    • 于安初

      7樓竟然花了這么多篇幅來說relationship,推薦路易不容易 第3季不錯,好在有trilogy。下季pamela回來吧!mattkelmer還有Sweetpro趕緊出原聲吧 值得收藏 1920BD藍光高清原盤 磁力鏈接

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